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This song is an excellent way to start off the album and one of my personal favourites. Instead of beautiful, this song is quite dissonant and “evil” sounding.

This fits the lyrics, that deal with the corruption of today’s society and its reliance on medicine to solve all its problems.

My favourite line here is “All your pain/ Will end here/ Let the doctor/ Soothe your brain, dear”.

I enjoyed this song very much, though I do not consider it one of the best on the album.

This has another catchy melody, like a cross between “Our Hell” and “Doctor Blind”.

The addition of strings in the background is excellent and adds to the overall atmosphere of the song.This is one of my favourites for lyrical content, but not for musical content.The next song, “Detective Daughter”, steps the tempo up again.My favourite line is “It won’t be enough to be rich/Rather give the world away than wake up lonely”.The lyrics are very good right through, and somewhat overshadow the melodies of the song.

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Throughout the album, every song has at least one excellent line.

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