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We have no problem telling you like it is, but when push comes to shove, we love to curl up with with a nice blanket and cuddle. If that cute guy is across the bar and you're wondering if you should go up to him, you're probably not a Leo. However, one thing is for certain: a Leo woman would make a kick-ass lawyer.4. The perks of being a Leo means there will be no room for hesitation.A Leo woman doesn't think if she should she follows her gut — she just goes right after him. She's slightly intimidating, especially when she feels her best in that new outfit. I mean, considering her other characteristics, she'd make a damn good actress! Whether it's on the stage or not, communication is big for a Leo.You are bound to have some real good time with her if you manage to win her heart. A Leo Woman, once she falls in love, she is deeply committed and honest towards her partner. A Leo woman is basically a very logical and practical person too, she will always have practical answers and logical solutions to everything and she can in fact be your problem solver and make your life easier. She will always encourage you and her positivity will even brush off on you.She will never ditch or lie and will always be faithful towards her partner or loved ones. A Leo woman is also very quick to forgive her loved ones, she has a big heart and even after the biggest of arguments or fights, they will just quickly forget and forgive. As the royalty of all zodiacs and ruled by the Sun — the center of the universe — the Leo woman commands attention, respect and passion.Intelligent, witty, creative and strong, she expects nothing less from those who try to court her and demands nothing less than what she feels she deserves — which more often than not, is someone who respects that she’s intelligent, witty, creative and strong. Leo women are independent and they want to be with men who are just as independent as they are.

However, outside of the bedroom, it can be a little much. She believes she's right and loves herself so much, to the point of no return.

A Leo woman is full of substance and character, she is basically a lioness amongst the girls.

She is totally self dependant and will never depend on anyone.

After all, the Leo woman's pride is always at stake.

In other words, you’re going to hear us roar either way.

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She is very caring and protective of her loved ones too.