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Free adult dating tennessee

However, no credit is given for arrearage payments (overdue child support payments).

Documented proof of child support includes: The available credit against gross income for either parent’s qualified “not-in-home” children is the actual, documented, monetary support of the qualified other children, averaged to a monthly amount of support as paid over the most recent 12-month period.

Tennessee child support law answers to frequently asked questions by Memphis divorce attorney Miles Mason, Sr.

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So the parent is given the full amount of the credit.In Tennessee, basic expenses include an average amount to cover child-rearing expenses: housing, food, and transportation.The share of total expenditures devoted to clothing and entertainment is also included in the Basic Child Support Obligation (BCSO), but is relatively small compared to the other three items.Part IV – Additional Expenses includes the children’s specific expenses for health insurance coverage, recurring medical expenses not covered by insurance, and work-related childcare to determine the Adjusted Support Obligation (ASO).Part V – Presumptive Child Support Order lists the final amount owed and also provides an area for determining if an appropriate variance is achieved when a modification is sought.

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Basic educational expenses associated with the academic curriculum for a public school education (such as fees, books, and local field trips) are also included in the BCSO.

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