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Another user named Victoria Levitt wrote that she joined the site because has a “soft spot for geeks!

Head to one of the Star Trek–themed sites listed in this piece. Nothing is too strange,” says Frank Farkas, marketing assistant at First Beat Media—which owns a large portfolio of dating niche websites—and creator of Trekkies They worship the show.”In that regard, Star Trek isn’t just the perfect icebreaker to ease the awkwardness of an online meet-cute. “Go to generic sites like or e, and it’s harder to find someone you have this much in common with or someone with an interest you can latch on to that says we’re this similar,” Farkas says. A mutual quirky interest or shared obsession over the same movie predicts nothing about a potential couple’s future compatibility, says dating coach and author Evan Marc Katz.

“I wish all the sites well, but I would never recommend a client join one.”Still, there are sci-fi success stories.

Michael Carter, president of Passions Network, which owns Trek, says one of the most routine reasons people write him to cancel their Star Trek accounts is that they found a match.

Of course, the owners of the services don’t mind the teasing.

Soon after Trek’s launch in 2004, Conan O’Brien caught wind of the site and mentioned it in the opening monologue of his show.

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”On Trek, one 22-year-old user from Texas headlines his profile: “Beam me up…to the attractive Trekkies:)” He goes on to say, “I love Star Trek TOS”—that stands for The Original Series, for the uninitiated—“Makes paying for Netflix worth it all by itself. In his book Love in the Time of Algorithms, Dan Slater writes that roughly 15 million users in North America alone used interest-specific dating sites in 2011, proof of the shift from the “bookend theory” popularized by, on which the goal was to win over every “book” on the shelf, to these niche sites.