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Dilkash rudating

You will never have a physical share certificate in your hands; it will be reflected in your Demat Account Statement.

The buying and selling of shares you wish to have or want to sell will however require a Trading account.

Same is done in case of selling, for example Sell: Reliance Industries Ltd, Quantity: 3, Price: 895.

The sell order will be processed when the share reaches that price.

Traditionally, gold and shares are the most sought after investment arena for Indian investors.

However, if you are someone looking to invest in shares in India, and are just starting off, the first question in your mind would be Well here is a guide to get started in Share market investment in India.

Get a broker, they can be individuals you know and are reliable, or you can approach various companies that are licensed to trade and deal in securities in the markets.For buying or selling shares, you need to inform your broker about which share in what quantity you wish to buy at which price.For example if you wish to buy 10 shares of Reliance Industries Ltd when it reaches a price of Rs. from then on-wards, it is showing black screen and blinking dots just above the simbol "powered by android". when i open it show me options, like select language and then select Reboot, wipe & reset, install to system, Power off. After selecting Reboot to system it restart and then come to previous menu like select language, reboot, update systemzip file, power of, what i do?

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PAN is however required for opening a bank account, investing in mutual funds, filling Income Tax returns etc.

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