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There's always people you can have good conversation with, and there's a lot of different chat rooms to choose from, so yeah, it's cool.

A few moments earlier they had launched a similar attack on their victim's boyfriend, Robert Maltby.

On that occasion their 14-year-old victim had his head stamped upon before his mother intervened and dragged him to safety. Herbert and Harris returned to Stubbylee Park, Bacup, Lancs, in the early hours of August 11 last year.

They and three other members of their gang were on the fringe of a gathering of youths chatting with Miss Lancaster and her boyfriend.

Everyone just knows because they treat other people like how jocks treat people or they like things jocks like.

Teen chat's a pretty fun place to pass the time when you're bored.

The group had moved towards an area used by skateboarders when Herbert suddenly punched Mr Maltby in the face. The others in the gang – one aged 17, the others 16 and 15 - joined in the attack, acting "like a pack of wild animals". At one stage Herbert lifted the student's head off the ground and asked him whether he wanted an ambulance.

He replied "No" and so Herbert carried on hitting him.

Miss Lancaster was attacked as she cradled her boyfriend's blood-spattered head in her lap.

Her killers were goading each other on as they took turns to kick her and stamp on her head and body.

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