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50up hot sexy woman video

Men have advantages on multiple levels when it comes to aging. If they make use of those advantages, it can be insane. This post was inspired by a member’s comment (featured in the post below) relaying how a trainer told her basically not to bother trying to have a tight, hot body after the age of 20. While you may think it’s shallow, you should think about how your looks affect your self-esteem. I encourage non-members to read the intro in the previous post. Stop acting like you’re dying because you turned 40. Sometimes your least shallow dreams depend on achieving that “shallow” goal. Life (and being hot) no longer stops at the age of 30. What the trainer said is a pretty common belief, right? Looking for pictures of people in their 40s was pretty pointless because they were all hot. Can we just look at Susan Sarandon or Harrison Ford in their 60s? You would think so after reading these quotes, even the ones by actors who have all the goods, right? I am putting that myth to bed, right here in this post. And before you start throwing the celebrity card at me, I assure you that isn’t the issue. Then things tapered off to where we can go months without really touching beyond hugging and giving each other a little peck on the lips.When it comes to dating and romance now, what differences would a single Dad in his 50s encounter compared to his single son in his 20s?

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-Kirstie Alley Yeah, I call bulls**t on all fronts. Sorry ladies, it can’t be used as an excuse anymore.